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. >> in the oakland police department is getting some help from fellow law enforcements. the highway patrol is going to back of the police carry it >> there is no closures this weekend on the san mateo bridge. we will be right back. >> we are back. it is looking really pretty outside. it is looking very breezy due to the trees blowing. >> let's go ahead and did the forecast. teachin. >> we are expecting plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. our temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. as for your temperatures it will be mostly forties' right now outside. it is still very chilly in san jose. the high pressure the dissident off of the cole's is really what is bringing us the warmer temperatures. it will be up for 70's for the afternoon. it will be 81 degrees in livermore valley and upper 60's for the coast this afternoon. 80 degrees for santa rosa and 72 degrees for downtown san francisco. headed our way and how hurricane san the can affect the world series. >> ihere is a video of the giants are arriving in detroit. the team arrived on friday and we were the only ones there. kron4 was the only newh
anymore of law. or i should be listening better. -- >> the last was the 20 07, reuter rockies. and look at this. the colorado -- rockies from 2007 that was the last time. perhaps i should be listening to wrredial with a bit more in tenfold year. redia radio.... >> this is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza with areas of patchy clouds to your another round of warm temperatures as well. into the overnight hours those clouds could return along the coast and it is also going to press into the inland valleys. taking a look at thames with a mixture of 50s, 60s indicated by the blue. as we go towards noon plenty of 70's the afternoon highs will be a mixture of 70's and 80's and '60's along the coast. for those headed out temperatures are going to be dropping off to the widespread 60s. for the east bay inland valleys look for 80s in fairfield. pleasanton and 73 in castro valley. through downtown san francisco a little bit cooler with 60s. mid 70's in the north bay. and 78 in napa. as per take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay some changes with cloud coverage building. as we bega
them prosecutors to issue of lesser charges where federal law dictates. under federal law immigrants who have not are obtained u.s. citizenship are deported automatically after a certain conviction. >> the first weekend in november and it started to feel just like fall. >> it will be a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend. we're still dealing with some fog cover. tomorrow it will be even warmer and it will be a warmer weather for your beginning we can carry it we do have a chance of showers heading. >> temperatures are now are mostly in the '50s but as we move to 10:00 a.m. we will see some 60s out there. our highs it may be bringing in 70's and some success. temperatures will drop down so pulling these numbers up for you. it is 74 degrees down the peninsula this afternoon. mid-70s four antioch, low 70's for east bay shore and downtown san francisco will be at 69 degrees. for those of you heading to the wine country --your 7 day the bay shows and that will continue to warm-up into tomorrow as well as the work week next week. it will be in the low 80s. it will even be mid-70s along t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3